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General Ride Information

State College Cycling offers group rides for road cyclists of various abilities. Rides start from several different locations in the State College area.  Terrain and routes vary weekly. If you're unsure which ride ride level to choose, start with an easier level than you normally ride. New riders are always welcome! 

Tuesday Ride Start Times

  • 5:30 pm (April and September)

  • 6:00 pm (May through August)

Tuesday Start Locations

Speed Groups (Tuesday Rides)

  • A   (> 20 mph)

  • A-  (18-20 mph)

  • B+ (16-18 mph)

  • B   (15-16 mph)

  • B-  (14-15 mph)

  • C   (12-14 mph)

Tuesday "Slow and Easy" Rides

  • SCCC is looking to offer "Slow and Easy Rides" on Tuesday also.  The starting times and locations will be the same as the regular Tuesday rides.  These rides will be tailored to riders who may have less experience with road riding. Stay tuned as plans are finalized.

Saturday Food & Beverage Rides

  • Every few weeks, a "Food and Beverage" ride is planned. 

  • These rides are from a one of our local restaurant establishments and typically start at 10 am.

  • Plan to stay and socialize afterwards.

  • Check the calendar for dates and locations.

Note: Helmets are required on all rides!

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