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Founder's Message

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State College Cycling Club is a place where all of the different groups, from mountain bikers to racers to triathletes to the improving riders to the casual riders to the commuters can come to post rides, find out where and when rides are taking place, and whom to contact.  I believe with proper coordination, members would be excellent resources to help others with specific events can volunteer to make the event run smoothly


Hosting events. We have some of the best riding in the state around here, from long flats to rolling hills to climbs of any length and difficulty, with spectacular views, whether on or off road! Why not host more events, such as brevets or a weekend long event designed for people of all interests?


Training of 'up and coming' riders. Help train others to ride safely on the roads, or do their first triathlon, or build up to their first century (or double!)



Establishing a site where people can go to find out what's happening at any time of the year with regard to rides. The more in advance rides can be posted with leaders and cue sheets, the more opportunity there can be for people to 'pick and choose' where to ride and when to ride, and who to contact for more details.


Special events. I cannot stress enough how important it is to make this a vital part of the club - socializing! It builds relationships, and is an excellent way to attract others to the fun we're having!


Finally, fostering good relationships with our local bike shops is important.

Joe Lundberg, Founder of SCCC (2015)

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