New Website Info

  • Streamlined Membership Application Process - Website incorporates complete on-line Membership workflow through payment via Credit Card, Cash or Check.  This reduces paperwork, saves time, eliminates data capture errors and consolidates application handling.

  • Improved Rider Check Ins - Riders can check-in easily on cell phone via the Website!  No more waiting for clipboards to circulate on ride day!

  • Simplified Communication - Leaders/ Board Members can update the scrolling marquee and the Announcements seamlessly and directly to the website.

  • Picture Gallery - Added some "throwback Tuesday" pictures to the Home page.  If you have some group shots to roll into the mix, please email them to

  • Designed Using WYSIWYG Editor - Developed using a "What You See Is What You Get" design environment so it's easier for "lightweight SCCC techies" to make updates and contribute to website maintenance and improvements.

  • Enhanced Protocol (HTTPS) - Upgrade to a modern and secure (https) website protocol to underpin Membership Sign-Up and Membership Fee processing.

  • Feedback and Volunteers Welcome - Site feedback welcome and appreciated as SCCC "fine tunes" its on-line presence.  Also, if you have experience with website design and want to help, let us know.  You can reach out using the email icon in the website footer or via the "Contact Form" under the "Club Info" tab.  Thanks!

New Website Features and Improvements: