Question: Do I need to wear a helmet. 

Answer: Yes. You can't ride with the club without a helmet. 


Question: Do you need to be a performance athlete to ride with State College Cycling?

Answer: We have casual riders (D, C, CC), to performance athletes (A, AA) and riders in between B, BB.


Question: Are there rides that State College Cycling does other than the Tuesday and Thursday rides?

Answer: We have a autumn century each year, we offer century prep rides on weekends leading up to the century, pace B (15 miles per hour).


Question: Why do rides start at 5:30 PM then switch to 6:00 PM then back to 5:30 PM.

Answer: In the spring and late fall, during shorter daylight, we start at 5:30 PM so we get back before dusk.


Question: Can I ride at the same level all season?

Answer: Riders should ride at a level they can handle for the entire ride.


More to come