Date C 10-12 mph
CC 12-14 mph
B 14-16 mph
BB 16-18 mph
B+ Slightly Faster Group
A 18-20 mph
A+ 20-22 mph
Apr 2 Circleville Park
Apr 9 Fairbrook Park
Apr 16 Boalsburg Military Museum
Apr 23 Bernel Park
Apr 30 Circleville Park
May 7 Fairbrook Park
May 14 Mt Nittany Middle School
May 21 Bernel Park
May 28 Fairbrook Park
June 4 Gregg Township Cumminity Center (Spring Mills)
June 11 Fairbrook Park
June 18 Mt Nittany Middle School
June 25 Bernel Park KING OF THE HILL NIGHT!
July 2 Centre Hall
Jul 9 Fairbrook Park
Jul 16 Mt Nittany Middle School
Jul 23 Bernel Park
Jul 30 Fairbrook Park
Aug 6 Gregg Township Cumminity Center (Spring Mills)
Aug 13 Fairbrook Park
Aug 20 Mt Nittany Middle School
aug 27 Bernel Park
Sep 3 Circleville Park
Sep 10 Fairbrook Park
Sep 17 Mt Nittany Middle School
Sep 24 Bernel Park
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