At State College Cycling, we invite riders of all ages and any experience level to come out and join us. Whether it is the 'Slow and Easy' rides, social rides on Tuesday evenings, weekend club rides hosted by members, or special events, State College Cycling offers a growing variety of rides to fit the needs of the cycling community. Our rider cover varying distances, from less than 10 miles for the least experienced to over 100 miles, or 'century' rides, where individuals can train to push themselves to higher endurance levels. The rolling countryside of central Pennsylvania provides us with diverse options, from generally flat to rolling terrain, to longer hills to some of the steepest grades one can find! Most of our rides are 'no drop' rides, so riders can be assured there will be someone there to ride with them should they fall off the pace. 


Do you have a desire to lead rides? To help others grow in their ability to cycle? Do you like to organize things? Do you have administrative talents? State College Cycling is an all volunteer organization, and in order for it to run successfully and to grow, we depend completely on the time and efforts put in by its members. We can use your help! Contact one of the club leaders, and we'll find a place for you to help serve your fellow cyclists!


About the Club

State College Cycling offers group rides for road cyclists of various abilities. We ride from several locations in the State College, PA area, and terrain and routes vary weekly. Unsure which level to choose, start with an easier level than you normally ride. New riders are always welcome! 

Tuesday Road Rides
6:00pm (May through August)
5:30pm (April and September)

Tuesday Of The Month Locations
1st – Circleville Park (Circleville Road)
2nd – Fairbrook Park
3rd – Mount Nittany Middle School, Boalsburg
4th – Bernel Road Park (Near The Airport)
5th – Fairbrook Park (if needed)

Tuesday Evening Ride Levels:

 Level  Ride Speed
 See the ride level description

Thursday Slow and Easy Rides
(June and July, Haymarket Park @ 6:00pm)
Whether you’re just getting started in the sport and want to learn to ride with a group or you’re returning to the sport after some time away. 
Thursday Levels:D(6-10mph), C(10-12mph)

Helmets are required on all rides.

Ride Information