State College Cycling Club Century Ride

The ride will be on September 22 at 7:30 AM from Fairbrook Park. 


If weather is bad on the September 22 we will try again on the 23. 


There will be rest stops at Spruce Creek Bakery( Now FARM Bakery) and Warriors Mark for the Metric Century. 


There will be rest stops at Spruce Creek Bakery, Warriors Mark, Fairbrook Park and Sheetz in Centre Hall for the Century


Rest stops are unmanned and you will need to purchase what you want at the locations except Fairbrook where arrangements will be made. 


If the ride is postponed until Sunday we will make arrangements for Spruce Creek since the Bakery is not open on Sunday. 


Here are links to the Century and Metric Century Rides  and Cue sheets attached. 

All rider will start at 7:30. 


Century Ride    - Century

Cue Sheet -


Metric Century - Metric Century

Cue Sheet -